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The William Heptinstall Award is made each year to enable a young person to widen his or her culinary experience whilst travelling outside the UK and is presently worth 3,500 to the recipient.

The Award is primarily designed to allow the recipient fully to experience the cuisine of the area to be visited, while undertaking an overseas stage or stages that had already been contemplated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I enter the result of a match
1. Please remember that only the Home Team enters match results
2. Enter the
Administrator's Area
Accessing Admin. Area
1. Make sure you have the correct password for your club/section
2. Click on the 'Enter Administrators Area' from the LMS home page
3. Read the warning message and press 'Continue' if you are authorised to access this area for your club
4. Select your club from the drop-down list
5. Enter your password
6. Click 'Enter'.
for your Club
3. Click on the 'Enter Match Results' button
4. Select your match from the drop-down list and click 'Select'
5. Take note of the guidelines in blue
6. Use the drop-downs to enter the Player Names
7. Enter the match scores in the format shown in the example
8. Click 'Submit'
9. The Player Rankings should then be shown together with the calculated league points, make sure you believe that these are correct
10. Check and resolve any error messages shown (warnings are in blue, errors in red. You will not be able to post the entry while there are red error messages shown)
11. Click the 'Tick here ...' box
12. Click 'Submit'
13. If the entry has been accepted the Player and Score details will be cleared from the screen
14. Check the result from the League Tables
15. Refer to the other FAQ's in this section where necessary

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